SiFu Kul Rai has long running interest in martial arts.  From a very young age he has studied many disciplines.  Like millions of people the one and only, Legendry Bruce Lee sparked this love of Martial Arts. SiFu Kul’s Father was a student of David “Ticky” Donovan OBE studying Ishin Ryu Karate. This was his first taster into martial arts. Like many others this was a very good introduction into the martial arts world.  Then as time went on he explored other disciplines such as kick boxing and other budo and kung fu disciplines.  It wasn’t until he was at university that a chance encounter with a fellow Bruce Lee fan he found his passion for martial arts reignited.  With an introductory Wing Chun session being held at the student union it seemed like destiny would lend a hand in helping SiFu Kul find his path way back into martial arts training.  Unfortunately due to funding the sessions did not continue but it had given SiFu Kul to continue with his training.  So he sought to find a club closer to home that he could attend whilst continuing his studies, work and daily commute to university.   Fortunately he found a club not so far from that ran classes on a Friday night,  now this was to conflict with the usual student life but SiFu Kul main focus was to learn martial art so he happily sacrificed his social life to study.  Now with the classes being on a Friday night they were not very busy so it would turn out that most weeks that SiFu Kul would end up having a private lesson as often it would be the Instructor, an assistant and SiFu Kul,  with occasionally a member from another school visiting.  This proved to be a great stepping stone for SiFu Kul into the world of Wing Chun but inevitably after just under a year the classes stopped as it was financially viable for the Instructor to continue with the class.  SiFu Kul was invited to join the other schools but due work and study commitments he was unable to continue with that organisation.

After a brief break, SiFu Kul came across an advertisement in local paper for another school.  So he decided to pursue this and attended.  This was to be the organisation that he would spend the next 15 years under.  SiFu Kul remained part of the EWTO organisation gaining title of regional instructor of Essex and also assisting in the running of national seminars.   He also achieved the rank of SiFu ( meaning teacher in Cantonese) by producing more than 15 students to the level of Technician grade ( 2nd dan black belt equivalent).  2016 SiFu Kul realised that his time under the banner of EWTO had come to end as he was no longer progressing and felt his growth had halted. 

This allowed SiFu Kul the opportunity to look else where for his training and a chance meeting with SiFu Sergio would change his course once more.  After the first meeting SiFu Kul had decided that IWKA was to be the new home for himself and his schools and after visiting SiFu Sergio’s Master Student SiFu Mauro Gibin in Italy in October 2016 IWKA-UK was officially formed.  SiFu Kul is now focused on spreading the research and findings of SiFu Sergio and IWKA.  


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