IWKA Wing Tjun is an effective self defence martial art that with any luck you won't have to use outside of our classes. Not many of us fight for our life on a daily basis so there needs to other aspects of this system that you can use in your daily life to improve you physical and mental health.


A core element within the IWKA system is to lose all unnecessary tension in your body & mind and learn to focus your energy in a productive manor. The amount of tension that builds up over the day will seep into the next day and weeks to follow and your body and mind will be tired and clouded as a direct result. Through specific exercises and meditation you will over time learn to redirect your energy in a more positive and beneficial way. Your body will feel vitalised and refreshed. Your mind will be sharp and clear. Your confidence will grow and you will learn to look at life in a different way all the while improving your martial skill.

"First know yourself, then know your enemy and you'll win a 1000 battles."


Ella Testimonial



Since I’ve joined IWKA, a year ago, not just my wing tjun skills improved significantly (confirmed by old wing tjun colleagues), but I’ve noticed some other amazing and unexpected benefits (which personally I attribute mostly to standing meditation)




  • I have an office job, where I sit at least 8 hours a day and because of it I had a pain in my back, neck and shoulders for years. But a few months after joining IWKA, the pain was gone and I’m feeling amazing
  • Most of my colleagues took turns of being very sick with flu but somehow it seems not to get to me. It’s the first year when I didn’t needed to take any sick days the whole year
  •  I’ve noticed it’s much easier to remain calm in some very difficult situations
  • My skin looks much better then always and I’m not using any products/ make up any more
  • I haven’t practicing push ups for awhile but at some point I had to demonstrate some push-ups and I was a bit concerned that I will not be able to do it properly, but I was really surprised how easy it was to do them and I received lots of compliments on my push ups
  • Recently, I’ve come back from a walking trip. I used to have some problems with my breathing when I was going up hill, but now it was much easier to control my breathing and it was much easier to go up hill, even if a faster peace



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